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Wellington’s Residential Windows Repairers

Window Repair Specialist is Wellington’s trusted team of residential window specialists. We provide expert repairs and maintenance to restore your piece of mind. Our qualified repairs team responds quickly to residential jobs, ensuring minimum disturbance to your busy schedule and personal commitments. We provide an outstanding repairs service, focusing on strengthening and protecting your window mechanisms and locks.
Two professionals installing roof window in a residential building

Maximise Your Home’s Safety 

At Window Repair Specialist, we understand that you start to feel uneasy when things aren’t as they should be around the home. Particularly when it comes to windows and doors, faulty parts and broken windows can compromise your home’s security. Keep your family and property safe by promptly repairing any noticeable window breakages as soon as you see them. Our friendly team respond quickly and reliably to residential calls, as your safety and comfort is our priority. While we’re there, let us inspect the rest of your windows to ensure that nothing has been overlooked.

Increase Your Home’s Value 

Maintaining your home’s windows can make or break your home’s value when you think of selling. You don’t want your potential buyers wandering through your property focusing on broken hinges or missing locks instead of your home’s highlights. When we visit, our team ensures that all windows are serviced to a high standard, allowing you to comfortably use your space. Enjoy your view to the outdoors through clear, sturdy and well-maintained windows.
Man applying silicone sealant in a window
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